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Cirlinca Dvd Audio Solo Crack

Cirlinca DVD-Audio Solo: A Review

DVD-Audio is a high-fidelity audio format that offers superior sound quality compared to CD or MP3. However, creating DVD-Audio discs can be challenging, as not many software applications support this format. One of the few options available is Cirlinca DVD-Audio Solo, a handy tool that can help you author and burn DVD-Audio discs from various audio sources. In this article, we will review the features, pros and cons of Cirlinca DVD-Audio Solo.

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Cirlinca DVD-Audio Solo has a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily create DVD-Audio projects. You can import audio files from your computer, or record sounds from a microphone or other devices. You can also rip audio tracks from CDs or DVDs, or play them directly from the disc. Cirlinca DVD-Audio Solo supports a wide range of audio formats, such as WAV, FLAC, WMA, AAC, MP4, and more. You can also edit the metadata and cover art of your audio files, and create playlists and menus for your DVD-Audio discs.

One of the main advantages of Cirlinca DVD-Audio Solo is that it can encode and decode high-resolution audio up to 24-bit/192 kHz, which is the highest quality supported by DVD-Audio. You can choose from various encoding options, such as MLP (Meridian Lossless Packing), PCM (Pulse-Code Modulation), or DTS (Digital Theater Systems). You can also adjust the sampling rate, channels, and compression of your audio files to optimize them for your disc capacity and playback device.

Another feature of Cirlinca DVD-Audio Solo is that it can create hybrid discs that contain both DVD-Audio and DVD-Video content. This means that you can play your discs on any DVD player, regardless of whether it supports DVD-Audio or not. You can also add video clips or still pictures to your audio tracks, and create menus and subtitles for your DVD-Video content.

Pros and Cons

Cirlinca DVD-Audio Solo has many benefits for anyone who wants to create high-quality audio discs. Some of the pros are:

  • It is easy to use and has a clear interface.

  • It supports a variety of audio formats and sources.

  • It can encode and decode high-resolution audio up to 24-bit/192 kHz.

  • It can create hybrid discs that are compatible with any DVD player.

  • It has a free trial version that allows you to burn up to five discs.

However, Cirlinca DVD-Audio Solo also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of. Some of the cons are:

  • It is no longer available for purchase or download from the official website.

  • It does not have any customer support or updates.

  • It may not work well with some newer versions of Windows.

  • It may not be compatible with some newer models of DVD burners.

  • It may have some bugs or errors that affect its performance.


Cirlinca DVD-Audio Solo is a useful tool for creating DVD-Audio discs with high-fidelity sound quality. It has many features that make it easy to author and burn your own audio projects. However, it also has some limitations that may prevent you from using it effectively. If you are looking for a reliable and updated software for creating DVD-Audio discs, you may want to consider other alternatives.

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