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MapsNavteqHERE2018Q4: What You Need to Know

If you are looking for the latest map updates for your navigation system, you might have come across the term "MapsNavteqHERE2018Q4". But what does it mean and why is it important? In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about MapsNavteqHERE2018Q4 and how to get it for your device.


What is MapsNavteqHERE2018Q4?

MapsNavteqHERE2018Q4 is a code name for the map data released by HERE Technologies in the fourth quarter of 2018. HERE Technologies is a company that provides mapping and location services for various industries, such as automotive, transportation, logistics, and public sector. HERE Technologies was formerly known as Navteq, a leading provider of digital map data for navigation systems. Navteq was acquired by Nokia in 2007 and rebranded as HERE in 2012. In 2015, HERE was sold to a consortium of German automakers: Audi, BMW, and Daimler.

MapsNavteqHERE2018Q4 contains the most up-to-date and accurate map data for Europe, covering 48 countries and territories. It includes features such as roads, points of interest, speed limits, traffic signs, junction views, 3D buildings, and landmarks. MapsNavteqHERE2018Q4 also supports advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and highly automated driving (HAD) applications, such as lane guidance, curve warnings, and speed profiles.

Why is MapsNavteqHERE2018Q4 important?

MapsNavteqHERE2018Q4 is important because it can enhance your navigation experience and safety on the road. By using the latest map data, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Find your destination faster and easier with updated roads and addresses.

  • Avoid traffic jams and road closures with real-time traffic information.

  • Save fuel and reduce emissions with optimized routes and speed profiles.

  • Discover new places and attractions with updated points of interest.

  • Drive more confidently and comfortably with clear and accurate guidance.

  • Prepare for complex intersections and exits with junction views and lane assistance.

  • Enjoy a more realistic and immersive view of your surroundings with 3D buildings and landmarks.

  • Benefit from the latest innovations in automated driving with ADAS and HAD features.

How to get MapsNavteqHERE2018Q4?

To get MapsNavteqHERE2018Q4, you need to have a compatible navigation system that uses HERE map data. Some of the popular brands that use HERE map data are iGO, Garmin, TomTom, Pioneer, Alpine, Clarion, Kenwood, Sony, Becker, Blaupunkt, Navigon, Magellan, Mio, Navman, Nextar, Rand McNally, Cobra, Snooper, VDO Dayton, Vexia, and more. You can check the compatibility of your device on the official website of HERE Technologies.

If your device is compatible, you can purchase the map update from the official online store of HERE Technologies. You can choose between downloading the map data to your computer or ordering a preloaded SD card or DVD. The price of the map update varies depending on your device model and region. You can also check if there are any discounts or promotions available on the website.

Once you have purchased the map update, you need to follow the instructions provided by HERE Technologies to install it on your device. The installation process may differ depending on your device model and type of media. You can find detailed installation guides on the website or contact the customer support if you need any assistance.


MapsNavteqHERE2018Q4 is the latest map data released by HERE Technologies in the fourth quarter of 2018. It covers 48 countries and territories in Europe and offers various features and benefits for navigation systems. If you want to get MapsNavteqHERE2018Q4 for your device, you need to check its compatibility on the website of HERE Technologies and purchase the map update from the online store. You can then install the map update on your device following the instructions provided by HERE Technologies.

We hope this article has helped you understand what MapsNavteqHERE2018Q4 is and how to get it for your device. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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