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Rejane Dress Black (Special Edition)

Introducing the Rejane Dress Black (Special Edition) from Monetti Apparel, the solid color one-piece skort dress perfect for any fitness activity. Comfortable and breathable, this dress is custom-designed and made with Brazilian swimmable fabrics in vibrant colors and patterns, embodying the spirit of Brazil. Featuring deep pockets on the shorts and additional pockets on the outside of the skort, it offers convenience without compromising style. The fabric boasts UV50+ protection, ensuring you stay safe under the sun whether you run, play tennis, golf, pickleball, kayak or paddle-boarding. Elevate your activewear wardrobe with this versatile, multi-functional, stylish Monetti Apparel piece.

Rejane Dress Black (Special Edition)

XS 0
S 2 - 4
M 6 - 8
L 10 - 12
XL 14 - 16
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